[SAMUEL] Manager and writer of this blog. Prefers listening to music, practicing martial arts, checking out cars or gaming whenever he isn’t reading or writing stuff. Came up with the audacious idea of establishing this blog over  lunch with the fella below (the main reason was to prevent boredom and brain failure during their 3-month semester break). Currently taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Media Management in Taylor’s University, Malaysia.



[HONG] Assistant manager and contributing writer to this blog. Loves sports and is a devout collector of the Archie Comics series. This self-professed atheist  refers to be quiet in front of strangers and show his loquacious side to close friends. He prefers the girls at the sand, sea and sun rather than the night clubs. Got to know the blog manager in a same class in Taylor’s University and the two have been sarcastic to each other since.

quiet in front of strangers and loquacious in front of closed friends
  1. Jess Phua says:

    Congrats! Great blog , great start to a  Blessed New Year!  Keep it up scribblers….

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