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He saw the haymaker coming just in time, and immediately arched backwards to let the fist’s trajectory sweep pass in front of his face. He stepped back and glared at its owner, a buff guy named Bayu (meaning “wind” in the Malay language).

Bayu merely grunted and stepped in with a series of jabs and crosses. He managed to avoid two punches before the third one caught him in the face, and the sudden pain caused him to shut his eyes momentarily. It was enough for Bayu, who immediately threw a right hook at his left temple which knocked him to ground.

Jika kau berani bermain dengan awek aku lagi, aku akan beri kau lebih dari ini.’ Bayu threatened, which meant ‘If you dare to fool around with my girl again, I’ll give you much more than this’ in local Malay, and topped it off with a kick to his midsection. The ruffian strode back to a silver Kawasaki Z750 and rode off, leaving him groaning in pain by the roadside with the motorbike’s exhaust fumes still strong in his nose.

Brayden picked himself up, slowly and painfully. ‘Asshole.’ He swore and coughed a few times and staggered towards the direction of his apartment. A few motorists passed by, looking with curiosity at the 22 year old Australian Chinese staggering along the roadside with his hand massaging his injured midriff.